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Steve McCoy-Thompson Book Collection



A Story of D-Day

The year is 1944 and Frankie Brown is shocked, literally, while listening to the weather on the radio. Soon he’s predicting the weather for friends and the Boston Red Sox. When the Allied Army finds out, General Dwight D. Eisenhower flies the Weather Boy and his family to England to prepare for a secret invasion of France – D-Day.

Success hinges on good weather and ten-year-old Frankie must survive army camp life, a parachute jump, and the glare of Winston Churchill to find a small gap in a great storm – critical for the landing on the beaches of Normandy. As Frankie tries to save the army, he must also save his own father who has parachuted behind enemy lines and, in the process, he discovers the true measure of a hero.



Christmas at the Battle of the Bulge

Eleven-year-old Frankie Brown is stuck in no-man’s land in eastern France, between American and Nazi armies, before the last major battle of World War II – and he can hear Christmas carols. With his new map skills, how could he get so lost?

Told through the memories of an aging grandfather, Map Boy continues Frankie’s story as a boy in war time, working with spies and Alan Turing at Bletchley Park to outflank the Nazi terror. With the Bletchley bunch, he helps the Allied Army cross Europe until disaster makes him doubt everyone, especially himself. Only the worst surprise attack of the war in Europe, the Battle of the Bulge, can bring Frankie round and set a course for his true calling.


RCIA Journey

Finding God Through the CreedBy Steve McCoy-Thompson

From his self-described ‘spiritual fence’ to the ‘source and summit’ of faith, Steve McCoy-Thompson takes us on a personal journey of conversion that is moving, funny and very practical. RCIA Journey is a joyful, challenging, sometimes painful story of his year as a candidate experiencing the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults. Throughout this journey, the Nicene Creed serves as a touchstone to ask and ultimately answer the fundamental questions many of us have when approaching the Catholic faith. With sections like Steve’s First Letter to the Pasadenians (to his parents) and a fresh perspective on timeless questions of free will, heaven, prayer, miracles and the meaning of the sacraments, RCIA Journey is the perfect book for everyone on the journey to a deeper faith.